Delicious WordPress Restaurant Themes

Today’s an age where most restaurant businesses need a website to build their brand awareness. Actually building a website, however, is easier said than done. Building a website can take some time to complete, even if you already have code written.

From the moment you copy-and-paste code into your web editor, there’s a chance you might spend more time changing and adjusting code than leaving it whole. Judging by most web designer ventures, web code can ‘change’ a lot more than you think!

That’s the reason why a lot of restaurant business owners turn to WordPress. The basic blogging toolkit and content management system is free. There’s plenty of great free plugins and widgets to turn its basic page template into the website or blog of your dreams. WordPress restaurant themes are great for restaurant owners, since they’re stable and won’t require extended web development time.

When used with the right tools, WordPress restaurant themes can make a pretty solid restaurant website using a simple, robust theme. Such WordPress restaurant themes can help present content like restaurant information, photo galleries, menu information and an interactive ‘geolocation’ page where you can embed an interactive map with directions.

Naturally, there’s plenty of themes that allow people to do just that. Here’s a look at some of the best WordPress restaurant themes.












  1. A lot of people search the internet for the best restaurants. They search for reviews and also look at the restaurant’s website. It it doesn’t look professional then people will move on to the next.

    This is why a good wordpress restaurant theme is really important. Without one your restaurant might look bad and get some bad reviews because of this.

    I like Delizioso. It looks cool and it has some interesting features for the $40 you have to pay for it. It has over 600 fonts, lots of shortcodes and widgets and it is translated in 7 languages.

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