Slick WordPress Directory Themes

Directory websites are distinctly different from conventional business websites. State of the art ecommerce websites also have striking dissimilarities with directory websites. To develop a directory, the foremost important requisite is the design and the layout. That can be encapsulated into a theme that you would work on.

The entire exercise of developing a directory can become less of a challenge with the help of WordPress directory themes. There are many WordPress directory themes which any company can use for any type of directory website. There are specific WordPress directory themes for every industry and for directories that cut across industry line.

WordPress directory themes are among the very best of templates that any organization can use to build a directory website. The WordPress directory themes are categorically designed catering to myriad objectives. You can choose the design elements that you want or need, choose from the best WordPress directory themes that have been widely used or choose the most unique one and customize it.

WordPress directory themes, unlike traditional website templates, are the simplest and the most cost effective way to develop a directory website or a directory application.




  1. I have been looking into starting up a directory on my own site. I am thinking if there is a way to set up a different theme for certain pages then I could use a directory theme like one of these. I don’t just want to have a directory, but a blog/directory combination.

  2. I’ve never considered starting a directory but these themes from wordpress sure make it easy to do this! I looked around for a couple of directory themes and they are pretty simple to set up. It would be interesting to have have a blog and a directory like gadgetised already mentioned. I think I can set this up on 2 of my blogs. It’s nice that these themes are just $55!

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