Inviting WordPress Church Themes

It’s not just businesses moving to the web today. Churches are also setting up a web presence and why not? That is where most of the people are on a daily basis. A website lets a church both communicate with members and provide a place to learn more for those who are seeking a new spiritual home.

A church website has some rather unique needs, so their website must accommodate those needs. Many churches are finding the best solution is to go with the WordPress platform. Not only is the platform free, but there are many WordPress church themes already available that are either free or much less expensive than paying a web designer. As non-profit entities, most churches appreciate keeping costs to a minimum.

Most of the time, a church website will be managed by non-technical staff or even volunteers, so WordPress as a platform is also ideal because of the ease of use. Between theme features and hundreds of plugins, WordPress makes managing a website easy with a bit of practice. By using WordPress church themes, it can become even easier as these themes often have special features that cater to a church’s unique needs. Being able to easily add audio or video is one such feature. Another that is particularly useful for churches would be built-in event calendars.

Since WordPress church themes are customizable, as so much of WordPress is, the church will have no problem creating a site that is unique to them.







  1. Otto, it’s so good to see themes like these. My church is currently attempting to get a website up and running, but have been finding it to be a tremendous burden. The major reason for this is that, unfortunately, they’re attempting to use the old “hire a programmer” bit, and he really doesn’t have much time on his hands as it is.

    I’ve suggested going with WordPress before, but each time I did, I got the same answer: “Isn’t that a blog site?” It’s nice to know that I now have a website I can send people to as a means of showing them that no, it is possible to do so much more with WordPress so long as one has the proper theme.

    Thank you very much for this!

  2. I like the Risen Theme when it comes to Church Themes. It looks appealing to the people targeted and it’s simple to use. It’s only $45 and it has a lot of positive reviews.

    @TGI Life – Yes you can do so much with WordPress and you don’t have to be a genius programmer to do it. With the multitude of plugins out there you could literally do anything to a site or blog.

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