First-rate WordPress Business Themes

No matter what type of business you have, you can’t afford to overlook the Internet in today’s web-conscious world. Even if you are only a small local business and have no intention of selling online, having a website for your business can help you in a number of ways. For one thing, promoting your business online is one of the least expensive forms of advertising you’ll ever find. A domain costs about $10 per year and hosting can be had for that entire year for under $100 – try finding another advertising source that costs so little but can reach so many!

Today’s consumers are bypassing the Yellow Pages when they need to find a service or product. Instead, they’re going to their computer and using their favorite search engine. Without a web presence, they’re not going to find your business and if they don’t find you, they’re going to go to someone else’s shop.

Having your own website doesn’t just help you reach new customers but it’s a great way to communicate with your existing customer base. Customer support is easier this way, as well as giving you the ability to drive more business.

It used to be that if you wanted to have a business website, you either had to be very knowledgeable with programming and graphic design, or have the capital to be able to hire someone to build you a website. Thanks to the WordPress platform and the huge number of WordPress business themes available, you can create a gorgeous, professional website in very little time and for very little expense.

WordPress business themes combine form and function by combining many different files into one interface. When choosing which theme to use for your business website, you not only have to consider what it looks like but how it works, and how you want your visitors to be able to use the site. Most themes offer a lot of flexibility with how you set up your site, but there are different features which can vary from theme to theme. A little bit of planning will help you to focus on the features you will need and can make it easier to find the right theme for your site.




  1. I love the clean look of these. So many other sites are just too busy and have distracting colors and text. I really like the pop of green that Astrum uses to aid in navigation and the easy-to-find “recent work” right there on the main page is fabulous for those seeking services.

  2. I like Enfold because it looks flexible and clean. You can resize your browser and it will still keep everything in good shape. I know this theme is built from the know Avia Framework and that means it has got a great foundation. At $55 this theme will work for any kind of business that wants to look professional.

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