Top Vintage Tumblr Themes

If you want to add a bit of a vintage vibe to your Tumblr account then you’ll be pleased to know that this type of design is making a comeback and is extremely popular with those looking to add a touch of nostalgia.

We have searched the web for the best vintage Tumblr themes and retro Tumblr themes currently available and looked for those which best represented this old school classic look. The fonts used could match those you might see used in an old 50′s style newspaper, the images could use more matt style colors and those used to display audio or video content may have designs such as you would find on an old 60′s jukebox.

By choosing a classical Tumblr theme it doesn’t mean that any of the more modern ways of displaying your content are missed off, all of the themes we chose use up to date technologies so that for example some are responsive themes which will adapt to the smaller screen sizes found on tablet computers and smart phones. Other have built into them well proven ways to maximize their search engine optimization features, with the theme headings and categories placed into the more “weighty” HTML entities, they simply just maintain classical retro feel to them.

Both the free Tumblr themes and professional Tumblr themes listed are compatible with the latest updates made by the Tumblr development team and are able to display not just words and pictures, but also videos and music files.

So kick off your blue suede shoes and delve right in to our best of the best Tumblr themes collection to give your’s that all shook up feeling.


  1. I run a “Classy” blog myself so I do know the importance of vintage and classy material on a site. I believe vintage themes are a good idea and distinguish themselves from all the other tumblr abstract and outlandish themes I have seen on blogs. Vintage themes adapting to phones and mobile devices is a good step also.

  2. Amazing! I have been hoping to find a good vintage theme for both my profile and my background on my phone.
    The vintage theme is so attractive. I’ve been finding Tumblr very inspirational for artsy people like me.
    Nothing beats a nice mood setting vintage theme!

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