Top Tumblr Photography Themes

If you work as a photographer, or simply just like taking photographs as a hobby then Tumblr can be a great way to display and share your work online.

One of the first things many people like yourself do is change the theme Tumblr uses by default into one which puts more emphasis on the image content you add so that the pictures you take stand out more and give your account a more unique feel.

As photos can be quite large and take up a lot of the person’s screen then the first thing one might consider is the device they are using to look at your Tumblr account. Generally large screens used with a standard desktop computer or laptop don’t generally cause many problems, but those using their iPad, tablet or smart phone tend to have much less screen real estate and so getting your pictures to look their best can be more difficult.

Due to this the first thing to look for is a design which has a responsive layout. What this means is that the layout of your account automatically adapts it’s self to the size of the screen being used so the content is shown in a comprehensive and logical way, usually allowing the theme a much improved top to bottom flow.

Moving more onto the displaying of the image content many or the more expensive professional Tumblr photography themes make use of picture sliders. What these are, are a mini-gallery of sorts, the viewer can have the image they are currently viewing take up the entire screen with little left and right arrows floated on the top each side, so that they can “slide” through the entire photo album one by one.

Also if you are in the photography business, perhaps you work as a wedding photographer or press journalist then being able to promote yourself is often extremely important, so choose a theme which has built into it efforts to maximize its search engine optimization features. Your pictures should each have their own short description and alt texts added as many people search for images in the search engines, and these description and alt tags help the search engine know the topic of the photo in question and so will display it higher in the results shown when somebody searches for example “cool wedding photos”.


  1. Photography tumblr themes seem like a great way to support and sell a business. If you are into photography this can be a great step towards a full first look that draws people in. If they like the first photo they see, and find out you took the picture, chances are they will be drawn in. I find it to be a very good idea overall.

  2. I agree with you that Tumblr is starting to become a lot like Pinterest. Even quotes are starting to be typed out as pictures or edited into photos. However, I love how Tumblr has some great quality pictures. When I want to look for photos, I usually look to Tumblr which both entertain and inspire.
    Great site.

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