Top Tumblr Blog Themes

The micro blogging platform Tumblr has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Unlike Instagram which pretty much only focuses upon pictures, Tumblr has been further developed and now has many other features unique to it. Tumblr allows its users to also use it as a blog where they can post comments and also other things such as videos and audio recordings.

Tumblr users can add their own themes to their account and so are able to tailor the layout to match the type of content they add. Some for example are photo-centric and aim to display the pictures a person adds as attractively as possible. Other themes tend to focus more on written content and so put much focus on the font’s and typography of the design.

You can find both free Tumblr themes and professional Tumblr themes which you can pay for. The free themes tend to be more simple in their design and tend to stick to the traditional Tumblr layout, where as the paid for themes often completely alter the look of your Tumblr account and are much more creative.

Paid for themes also tend to put more focus on their search engine optimization features, so if you are using your account to promote your brand or business for example and want people searching Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. to find you then this is an important feature to look for.

Lastly if your new to Tumblr and don’t really understand how it works yet then many professional theme authors will offer you some assistance when it comes to installing a Tumblr theme, and secondly they tend up update their themes much more quickly following an update by the Tumblr development team.


  1. Tumblr has definitely come a long way. I have my main blog on WordPress. However, I have a more fun and whatever I want blog on Tumblr. I like it, but it’s definitely not something I would use for SEO. I do like the themes that area available. I’ve even learned how to code my own.

  2. Tumblr sure is an interesting website. I use it everyday. However, when I created my tumblr I did not find their themes helpful. I had to go searching for one on my own and put it up myself. Themes play a very large part in blogging. I do have to give credit to that.

  3. Boy, has Tumblr come a long way. Although it seems to contain a larger female-base, I still think males and females altogether should use it to discover new things and share ideas! Paid for themes seem kind of scary at first, but probably worth it if they make your blog stand out!

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