Top Simple Tumblr Themes

If your new to Tumblr, or plan to use your account on the micro-blogging site to share your thoughts and pictures with friends and family, or with those who aren’t as tech savvy as some then choosing a basic Tumblr theme may be the way to go.

There are a wide variety of both free or cheap Tumblr themes and more expensive professional Tumblr themes now available and many do not have a huge list of fancy features which could be confusing to those unused to the website.

Most often in this kind of situation you want to have a design which is simple to navigate, with clearly defined buttons or links to click on which take the viewer to the different parts of your content.

This easy to use philosophy is also often sought when your target audience is in the younger age range. Kids are well known to respond more to bright colors and find cartoon-ish type fonts more engaging, so if it’s important to you to find a cool Tumblr theme which might get them talking about you with one another then choosing a well structured and basic layout may be the way to go.

Also since the site allows you to not just display pictures and words but also videos and music this wide variety makes it difficult for people to print off your content using a printer. By using a simple design this makes the process much more simple and printer friendly compared to those which use fancy sliders or scrolling galleries to display the content.


  1. I think that Tumblr allows for all sorts of themes.
    Being a modernist of sorts with a finicky guilty pleasure for hidden details, I find it very pleasing to the eye when I can find simple themes such as a simple striped design or a background theme with a stock photo in a corner but embellished with textures, special text art etc.
    I find simple great and hidden details even more amazing.

  2. Tumblr is a great blogging platform. Especially for beginners. It doesn’t offer the advanced functionality of other options like WordPress but tumblr is a great way to start a personal blog. You can use your own domain name too.

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