Best Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and website development program. While developing a website and managing contents have always been a cakewalk using WordPress, now with responsive WordPress themes, companies across the world can benefit even more.

Responsive WordPress themes are not a replacement to all the existing themes, templates and website development features that the program offered. Responsive WordPress themes are specific website templates that are made particularly for their dual compatibility with standard browsers and mobile browsers.

The term ‘responsive’ in the technical jargon of website development implies that a website would promptly respond and be compatible with the browser, display and settings of the device being used to access the site. Traditionally, websites have been accessed using computers and later through laptops. Most websites, including WordPress sites were designed to be displayed properly on computer, ala desktop, and laptop screens. Mobile devices, ala smart phones and tablets, do not use as large a display as a desktop or laptop does and the browsers used are also distinctly different. Responsive WordPress themes can now help develop websites which can perfectly fit into the smaller displays of mobile devices and be accessible through mobile browsers.

Responsive WordPress themes are state of the art templates that can make changes to the design features, the graphics and the fonts, displays and layouts of all types of contents of a website to sync in perfectly on a mobile device. The websites would be lighter to load more efficiently on smart phones and tablets. The websites would also be easy to browse or navigate by the virtue of swipe functions and smaller icons. With responsive WordPress themes, standard websites need not have different mobile versions of the same website. One website developed using responsive WordPress themes can be compatible with both the worlds of desktops and laptops as well as that of smart phones and tablets.

It is an era of mobile devices and an unprecedented number of people access the internet using mobile devices today. That number is only poised to increase. It only makes sense for companies or anyone having a website to have a mobile presence. Instead of developing multiple sites or having too much to manage, responsive WordPress themes simplifies the entire situation, needs and delivers precisely what is the need of the hour, and a bit more. Responsive WordPress themes are powered by the same WordPress CMS consoles and control panels and the themes can also be customized just as easily how the conventional templates could be personalized.








  1. Thank you for explaining why a responsive site is important not just for today, but for the future as well. Who knows what the future holds for screen sizes. We have everything from wide screen monitors to mobile phones right now, so one cannot simply build a website and expect it to look good, and most importantly, work correctly, on all sizes of devices without taking this into consideration. A properly designed responsive WordPress theme, such as those you have listed above, will solve these problems.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that WordPress themes these days should be responsive. Individuals and businesses who are still using standard themes that are only optimized for computer display are losing out on potential visitors and/or customers.

    I find it quite frustrating if a Web site does not load properly and/or is not readable on my mobile phone. I’m sure this is true of others as well. So people may or may not make a point to visit the site later on computer. Why take the risk? It should just be standard procedure these days.

    This are great themes, too. Colorful without being overly flashy or mannered and thus difficult to see on a smaller screen.

  3. The creation of responsive themes/designs specifically for WordPress sites is one of the most important milestones in web development. More and more people are accessing webpages from their mobile devices nowadays and it is important that they get the information they need easily through these portable devices. With responsive themes, any limitations that a fixed design of a site in terms or readability is eliminated. Thus giving anyone instant access to whatever information is available at any given time using any type of device.

  4. Kallyas seems to be a very responsive wordpress theme. I feel that
    if you aren’t able to have a site that looks great on a mobile device then you are on your way to failure. I have a site that has over 85% traffic from mobile phones!

    Thanks for explaining what responsive really means. It will help me pick a better theme for the next blogs I make.

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