Best Joomla Blog Templates

First released in August 2005 Joomla is a Content Management System which has proven to be extremely popular and has been downloaded over thirty-five million times. Helped in part due to it being free for both personal and commercial use it now has over six thousand available themes and plug-ins which can be used to improve its appearance and extend its functionality to meet the needs of many website owner’s.

Thanks to Joomla’s flexibility it can be used to publish a wide range of website content. From normal textual content and images, through to high resolution video and audio files there are a huge number of both free Joomla templates and more advanced professional Joomla templates which can be purchased.

We have managed to put together a list of popular Joomla themes which cover many of the types of website Joomla is used for.

When putting our list together we first looked for those which used clean code so that they would work no matter the device being used to view the website, such as your regular desktop computer, or a tablet or smart phone. When then looked for ones which has built into them a good amount of search engine optimization methods so that your website would quickly rise in the results pages given by sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Once these two criteria had been met we then looked for how attractive the Joomla template was, how well it was maintained by the author as many older themes no longer work with the current version of Joomla and lastly whether support was available as many people new to website design find installing a Joomla theme confusing at first, which it doesn’t have to be.


  1. Great information, I agree the Joomla is pretty much great, simply put. It’s amazing how fast things grow and change, and Joomla is adhering to all of these changes. I hope they keep doing what they’re doing.

  2. I honestly didn’t know Joomla was so popular! Regardless of the blog template I use, the first thing I look for is responsiveness. As most of the visitors to my blog come from mobile devices, I can’t afford to overlook this detail. A clean, responsive theme is a must for me.

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