Joomla Blog Templates 2014

First released in August 2005 Joomla is a Content Management System which has proven to be extremely popular and has been downloaded over thirty-five million times. Helped in part due to it being free for both personal and commercial use it now has over six thousand available themes and plug-ins which can be used to improve its appearance and extend its functionality to meet the needs of many website owner’s. View templates

Tumblr Blog Themes 2014

The micro blogging platform Tumblr has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Unlike Instagram which pretty much only focuses upon pictures, Tumblr has been further developed and now has many other features unique to it. Tumblr allows its users to also use it as a blog where they can post comments and also other things such as videos and audio recordings. View themes

Ghost Themes 2013

The Ghost blogging platform, first released in October 2013 has seen a meteoric rise and is built upon the popular node.js JavaScript library. Open source and aimed to be blog-centric, more and more people are choosing to use it thanks to its simple design and easy to use control panel features. Continue reading